• 22 nd Jul, 2020

Types of connections to indoor drains

The pipe connections of the drainage system are a critical part of the electromechanical structure in a building. Whereas, if installed incorrectly, could lead to a failure in the structural integrity of the building. That could occur when proper installation procedures are not followed, or when the pipe and the drain outlet dimensions are not compatible to each other. This will leave a gap between the joints which causes leakage inside the structure. Hence, a proper connection procedure must be followed to increase the lifetime & integrity of structure.

There are three suitable types of connections between the pipes and the drainage products, namely: spigot-type connections (also known as No-hub connections), gasket-type connections (also known as caulked connection or hub joints), and the threaded connection.

1.  Using the Spigot Connection, a neoprene sealing sleeve coupling, that is surrounded by a corrugated stainless-steel shield with multiple band clamps, which can be adjusted to the outlet size. The drain outlet is exactly placed on top of the pipe and the coupling screws are then fastened to secure the joint.

2. The Gasket Connection is performed by using a Rubber gasket which is fitted into the drain body and is pushed into the pipe to ensure a proper fit. It is a unique labor-saving compression gasket connection designed to simply push on the stub end of the pipe. The fins around the gasket are designed to prevent water from leaking around the connecting pipe.

3. The Threaded connection can be used for joining the drain outlet to the pipe with a tapered threaded pipe, according to BSPT or NPT standard thread. An adaptor can also be used in case the pipe does not have a threaded end. The adaptor will be fitted between the pipe and the outlet of the body of the drain.

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