• 07 th Oct, 2021

The health, safety, and comfort of our work force is our number 1 concern

Workplace health and safety is all about managing risk to protect our workers. Good health and safety management is characterized by strong leadership involving owners, managers, and all employees. In a broad way, health and safety is an essential part of development and sustainability.

The owners and management give top priority to this subject and have introduced many initiatives and have invested much to achieve a healthy working environment for our colleagues on the shop floor. There are many steps we follow to maintain a healthy and a safe environment in the factory, the offices, and in the labors accommodations.

1.Safety Training:

We provide health and safety training to our manager and workers regularly to increase awareness regarding safety threats and how to mitigate those threats.

2.Healthy Accommodation:

We believe that healthy, comfortable, and safe accommodations should be the basic right for every worker. We have invested, and continue to invest in this endeavor.

The workers’ accommodation is a clean and a comfortable place to live. The comfort and well-being of our colleagues has always been high on our priority list.


We provide healthy and tasty food to our workers. This is regularly maintained by our kitchen supervisors. Healthy food is very important for our people because it reduces the hospital dependency, transportation and times. The result of this increased the efficiency of workers.

4.Monitoring the health of Worker:

 We have all the necessary equipment to monitor temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar for workers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we applied strict measures to protect our workers, and those measures are still followed up to now. This has resulted in a healthier, aware, and a more informed work force.

As a responsible company, Saudi Cast endeavors to maintain the highest levels of health, safety, and comfort to all of its associates, at all times.