FD-4060GSmall Sump Roof Drain

Engineering Specifications

FD-4060G series of dome type roof drains consist of cast iron body with gasket type bottom
outlet, membrane clamp with integral gravel stop, removable dome and stainless steel gravel guard.

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  • Bottom Outlet
  • No Hub or Inside Gasket or Threaded
  • 2 & 3 & 4
  • 300 cm2


Used in IRMA flat roof construction (inverted roof membrane assembly). Small diameter body is particularly adaptable where limited space is available. Flashing clamp holds flashing and roofing materials securely to the drain body.The dome provides sufficient free area for quick drainage of rain water and protects the drain sump and connected piping from the intrusion of debris. The perforated stainless steel gravel guard is supplied to retain the crushed gravel used in IRMA flat roof construction.

Quality Accreditations