FD-4090Large Sump Promenade Deck Roof Drain

Engineering Specifications

FD-4090 series of promenade or deck roof drains consist of a large sump cast iron body with bottom outlet, membrane flashing clamp and rotatable square frame with seepage openings, fixing collar, and heavy duty ductile iron grate.

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  • Bottom Outlet
  • No Hub or Inside Gasket
  • 3 & 4 & 6
  • 502 cm2


    Used in flat roofs and decks designed as parking decks (vehicles traffic) or promenades for recreational (foot traffic). Large square grate provides sufficient free area for proper drainage with narrow slotted openings for pedestrian safety and to intercept debris.The Flashing (V-Shape) clamp holds flashing and roofing materials to the drain body without puncturing. The fixing collar allows aligning the square drain with the square tile or a brick pattern (rotating the frame). Seepage openings are located above the water proofing membrane to recieve any seepage from around the drain and to direct such seepage into drain body.

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