FD-5010FRFinished Indirect Waste Drain

Engineering Specifications

FD-5010 FR series of floor drains consist of epoxy coated cast iron body with gasket type bottom outlet, reversible membrane clamp with seepage slots and adjustable round funnel type nickel bronze strainer.

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  • Bottom Outlet
  • No Hub or Inside Gasket or Threaded
  • 2 & 3 & 4
  • 45 cm2


    Indirect waste drain For use in non-traffic areas when a funnel type strainer head is required and space does not allow use of the FD-5010F & FD-5010O Series funnel. The extended rim strainer will contain spills or condensate waste, such as under ice machines. The recessed grate prevents poured liquids from flooding and splashing. Flashing clamp holds flashing materials securely to the drain body and it permits adjustment of the strainer to meet finished floor level, this clamp was designed to be reversible to provide extra vertical adjustment for strainer. Weep holes are located on the clamp to receive any seepage from around the strainer and to direct such seepage into drain body. Keyhole slots assure quick assembly without removal of bolts.

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