FD-5180Trench Type Area Drain

Engineering Specifications

FD-5180 series of non slopped trench drains consist of a cast iron body with side/bottom outlet with anchor flange and can connect to each other with rubber gasket in between, with ductile iron grate.

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  • Bottom / Side Outlet
  • No Hub
  • 4" or 6"


    Used in heavy traffic areas where waste water contains sand, sediment and other debris. The collar serve as anchor flange (Area Drain) and as flashing clamp when installed in waterproof floors. Seepage openings (When using Waterproofing system ) are located above the water proofing membrane to receive any seepage from around the drain and to direct such seepage into drain body. The grate was designed in a decorative shape for extra heavy duty requirement.

    Quality Accreditations

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