FD-5080RBLarge Sump Area Drain

Engineering Specifications

FD-5080 RB series of floor and area drains consist of a epoxy coated large sump cast iron body with bottom outlet, a cast iron collar (serves as flange or flashing collar according to function), with round grate.

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  • Bottom Outlet
  • No Hub or Inside Gasket
  • 3 & 4 & 6
  • 235 cm2


    Used in heavy traffic areas where waste water contains sand, sediment and other debris. Drain has solid free standing bucket to intercept sediment and debris. The collar serve as anchor flange (Area Drain) and as flashing clamp (Floor Drain) when installed in waterproof floors. Seepage openings (When using Waterproofing system) are located above the water proofing membrane to receive any seepage from around the drain and to direct such seepage into drain body. The grate was designed to be applicable with extra heavy duty requirements.

    Quality Accreditations

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