• 06 th May, 2020

Powder Epoxy Coating adopted by Saudi Cast

The demand of metals withstanding extremely humid and hot conditions is rising. As a manufacturer of cast iron manhole covers, and indoor drainage, we see this demand reflected on our range of products.

This leads to the discussion of a suitable protective coatings. Saudi Cast, being in the business for almost 50 years, has overcame the problem by adopting the process of powder-epoxy coating for all of its drainage products.

Powder coatings are finely pulverized polymeric compositions in the form of a dry, free-flowing, fine powder that melts at high temperatures. The process, outlined below, ensures the most suitable layer of coating to any metal surface ensuring longevity and high resistance to the harsh elements of the weather in our region.

1. Preparing the product

Powder Epoxy Coating adopted by Saudi Cast

Firstly, castings are cleaned from any grease, oil or any other contaminants by a chemical cleaning process or by shot blasting. Afterwards, castings go through a pre-heating oven at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius before it enters the spraying chamber.

2. Applying the coating on the product

Powder Epoxy Coating adopted by Saudi Cast

Castings are then sprayed with the powder coating using an electrostatic gun, which charges the powder while the product is electrically grounded – ensuring that the product is fully coated from all angles and inside edges.

3. Curing the product

Powder Epoxy Coating adopted by Saudi Cast

The product is then cured for 10 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius in a curing oven. The heating process causes cross-links between the structures of the paint powder and the surface of the castings which leads to a durable, tough and uniform layer of epoxy on the product.

Properties of Saudi Cast Powder Epoxy Coated Process:

•  Finished products are tough, durable and less prone to chipping.
•  Exceptional surface quality with anticorrosive and chemical resistance protection.
•  Environmentally friendly, as all the unsprayed powder is recycled through a filtration process to be reapplied. In addition, it produces few volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) and hazardous chemicals.
•  Provides safer working environment for the workers.
•  Shorter processing time ensuring shorter delivery time.
•  Wide range of colors are available to match and blend drainage tops with surrounding aesthetics and design.
•  They are safer and require less maintenance since the products are more durable with the higher level of coating protecting the product from corrosion and rust.

Saudi Cast regularly tests, calibrates the ovens and regulates the paint application process. This ensure that the coating is properly applied, and the products withstand any harsh environments that they would ever encounter.