• 29 th Nov, 2020

Polymer Concrete Channels: Benefits and Applications

Polymer concrete channel drains are extremely convenient for trench drainage systems. The main advantages include easy installation, adaptability, durability, and convenience. Saudi Cast provides the channels with a variety of gratings and covers.

Polymer concrete channel drains UAE, Saudi Arabia

Polymer concrete consists of conventional concrete, mixed with binding polymers. The mixture is poured into molds, cured, and hardened in-place, to form polymer concrete channels. Though much stronger than conventional concrete, polymer concrete is only half the weight, making it easier to install. The channel ends are designed in a way that enables interconnection with each other to form a modular chain. The channel body has a knockout option for bottom pipe connection. Similarly, side outlet connections are also available through the knockout option at the each channel.

Saudi Cast supplies high quality concrete channels with a variety of grate options according to the application, loading requirements, and surrounding landscape. Grates can be made of:

1. Ductile Iron
2. Galvanized Steel
3. Steel Slot
4. Stainless Steel

1 – Ductile Iron Gratings are suitable for areas with heavy traffic.

The grate designs are customizable as per the customer request. Bolting between grate and the concrete channel is also provided to increase stability, rigidity and to eliminate rocking and rattling of the grates.

Ductile Iron Gratings UAE

2 – Galvanized Steel Gratings

are made of galvanized mild carbon steel which provides an economical, and durable solution to surface drainage in industrial and commercial applications. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment provides excellent corrosion resistance performance for durability.

Galvanized Steel Gratings UAE

3- Slot Gratings

provide a discreet but elegant look to the surrounding landscape, while providing an excellent surface drainage solution. Slot gratings are made of stainless-steel (SS-304 & SS-316), and of mild steel. Slot drains are widely used in landscaped areas, parks, and around swimming pools.

Stainless Steel Slot Gratings UAE

4- Stainless-Steel Gratings,

which are made in grade SS-304 & SS-316, are perfect for areas with light loads requirements such as pedestrian traffics. This may include ablution areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our stainless steel gratings are available in various design selections and can also be provided with customized grate designs.

Stainless-Steel Gratings UAE

Saudi Cast is constantly working to develop and extend its range of products and services. We are also committed to continuously improving the range of drainage products, making them more user-friendly, and easier to install.

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