• 10 th Jan, 2021

Planters, Flower beds, and Green Roofs Drains

Maintaining the aesthetics of a roof landscape is an important and challenging task, especially when it comes to the drainage system. Improperly executed drainage systems could lead to the oversaturation of soil, preventing the growth of plant roots and possibly developing soil fungus.

Therefore, it is vital to maintain optimum growing conditions for the plants with a proper drainage system. This is especially important on green roof systems that hold large amounts of water, which if not drained properly, may cause significant damage the roof structure. Saudi Cast has a wide range of planter drains designed specifically for planter areas, flower beds and green roofs.

1. Large dome type planter drain (FD-5220) is suitable for large planter areas and flower beds, where a thin layer of gravel is used. It consists of a cast iron body, membrane clamp and a dome covered with a stainless-steel mesh. This product covers a greater drainage area and prevents the soil and stones from entering the drainage line.


2. Large dome planter drain with extension (FD-5220 GX) is ideal for indoor atriums and outdoor roof top areas where a thick layer of gravel is used. The perforated extension increases the amount of water drained, while also prevents debris from entering.


3. Small planter drain (FD-5230) is ideal for small overhanging planting areas (balconies). The stainless-steel dome strainer can be removed without the removal of the clamp, making it convenient for cleaning and maintenance. This drain is available in a bottom, or a side outlet.

4. Standpipe planter drain (FD-5210) consists of a cast iron body, clamp, dome and adjustable nickel bronze standpipe to align with the floor level. The perforated standpipe should be surrounded by gravel that allows surplus water to be drained from the planting area and avoiding oversaturation of the soil.

Excessive soil moisture in planter areas, flower beds and green roofs can be solved by selecting a suitable planting drain. Saudi Cast has solutions for all of your drainage needs. We have been serving our local and regional customers with quality drainage product since 1972.

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