• 15 th Aug, 2021

Our commitment to the Environment

It’s necessary, it’s a must and it’s our responsibility.

Since our inception, the welfare of our people and the protection of our environment have always been of paramount importance to us at Saudi Cast. The ways and means that we went about satisfying both have varied throughout our fifty years of operation. That was basically dependent on our resources and on the overall awareness of these issues.

Managing our impact on the environment have proved to satisfy both objectives.

First, we created awareness by introducing our “Green Foundry Initiative” and implemented simple “eco-efficient” approaches within our manufacturing processes. We followed it up by acquiring data of pollutants and other factors within our system that affects our environment.

Next step was to seek professional help necessary to know the allowable limits set by the local authorities, pinpoint the correct equipment needed, processes to eliminate, and improve areas of concern.

Initial readings of the environment inside the foundry were as follows:

Result of readings were acceptable and levels to be maintained

Results compared to OHSA PEL (Permissible Exposure Level)

The data collected was analyzed, and the work was divided into “Phases” or stages, depending on the urgency and amount of negative impact it creates.

Phase 1 – In 2014, we phased-out all production processes that use chemical-binding agents.

Phase 2 Improving Air quality within and around the foundry facility. Four large-capacity air filtration units were installed at strategic points within the factory.

Phase 3 Testing and continuous monitoring. Utilizing technologically-advanced equipment to establish data thresholds for monitoring and system improvement.

In addition to our in-house monitoring, we engaged an independent third party to audit our operations and recommend improvements to our system.

Our efforts were rewarded by the Local Authorities with the issuance of our first Environmental Compliance Certificate in 2015, from Saudi Arabia’s Presidency of Metrology and Environment.

All this created an added value not only to our colleagues and people around us, but also to the business in general.

But we’re not done yet, as more things are on its way to protect nature and improve the life of the next generations to come.


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