This simple guideline will provide you with explanations on how you can determine the type of manhole cover required for different applications: from light duty manhole covers for pedestrian use, all the way to super-heavy duty covers which will be suitable for airports, and sea ports.

In continuation to Part 1 of our technical papers on “Features of a Saudi Cast Manhole Cover” we are happy to present “Part 2” of this series.
In this article we will feature lesser-known features of our covers. But they are certainly just as important.

The design of a manhole cover depends on multiple important factors, such as water and gas leakage prevention, stability (non-rock), loading requirements, as well as the installation and removal of the cover.

The pipe connections of the drainage system are a critical part of the electromechanical structure in a building. Whereas, if installed incorrectly, could lead to a failure in the structural integrity of the building. That could occur when proper installation procedures are not followed, or when the pipe and the drain outlet dimensions are not compatible to each other.

Saudi Cast is well-known in the region for producing quality indoor and outdoor drainage products made from cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, nickel bronze, and aluminum. However, taking the environment into consideration, and in-line with its Green Foundry Initiative, Saudi Cast has embarked on a new project to produce floor and roof drains out of recycled plastic, or UPVC.

Concrete has been highly renowned as one of the best materials used for roof construction and has been adapted in most modern commercial and residential building construction. However, the concrete flat roof alone will not guarantee the prevention of leakage issues. The water on the roof will stagnate over time and likely leak into the structural slab, which will in turn cause roof leakage.

Firstly, castings are cleaned from any grease, oil or any other contaminants by a chemical cleaning process or by shot blasting. Afterwards, castings go through a pre-heating oven at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius before it enters the spraying chamber.

This unique triangular drain comes in a stainless steel finish. It’s really easy to install at the corners or edges of your bathroom. Specially developed for Indoor Stainless Steel UAE & Saudi Arabia market. Go for something different with Saudi Cast! Check out our other stainless steel drains here.

As part of our Green Foundry Initiative, we’ve developed a roof drain made entirely from recycled plastic. This breakthrough technology emphasizes our friendliness to the environment and our commitment to protecting it. Full production of this model will start very soon, stay tuned!