• 11 th Aug, 2020

Features of a Saudi Cast Manhole Cover (Part 1)


The design of a manhole cover depends on multiple important factors, such as water and gas leakage prevention, stability (non-rock), loading requirements, as well as the installation and removal of the cover.

These requirements are set according to the project’s specific requirements; whereas, certain features are determined by the general purpose of the cover, the need for a secure fit, and general safety requirements.

In this article we will shed the light on two important features of our covers: sealed covers, and locked covers.

A. Manhole Cover Sealing Types:


No-seal or plain-seated manhole covers
No-seal or plain-seated manhole covers do not have any sealing around the edges. These type of manhole covers are used for underground cable networks, where frequent access is required, and where water and airtightness are not needed.

single-seal manhole cover UAE
A single-seal manhole cover is the most widely-used manhole cover type. It has a single tongue and groove assembly between the cover and frame. A single seal cover can be airtight when the groove is filled with grease or other suitable compounds. It will prevent sewage gases from escaping to the surface, especially when installed within residential or commercial areas.

double-seal manhole covers
A double-seal manhole covers has double the arrangement of a single-seal cover. This creates an airtight and a water-tight seal. This feature is guaranteed to prevent gas escape, and the seepage of surface water through the cover, thus causing damage to the underground utilities within the chamber. This is best-suited for internal sewage manhole covers.

B. Manhole Cover Security Features:

Bolting a sealed manhole cover can increase its sealing efficiency, but the bolting should not disturb the sealing system. Saudi Cast uses high-quality stainless-steel bolts for this feature. The locking feature achieves two very important goals: it prevents theft and vandalism. It also secures a tight fit preventing rocking,

Securing covers can be achieved in 2 different methods:

1. Using stainless steel bolts: the manhole cover is directly bolted on the frame using stainless steel bolts. This method is highly advisable for sealed manhole covers. Hexagonal and socket head bolts can be used in this method.

manhole cover with stainless steel bolts

2. Cam lock: in this method, the manhole cover is secured to the frame using a ductile iron cam mechanism attached to special stainless-steel bolts or hexagonal head bolts. The cam lock provides improved security to the frame and cover assembly, also eliminating loose and missing fasteners.

manhole cover with ductile iron cam mechanism

Saudi Cast has a wide variety of sealed and secured manhole covers. Please inform us about your project requirements at the time of ordering.

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