Saudi Cast's range of best stainless steel drains grates and cleanouts are made with top quality raw materials and offer high reliability and stability. Our products are available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Stainless Steel Drains and Cleanouts

1. Types of Saudi Cast stainless steel drainage products:

  1. Square stainless steel drains (FD-7010).
  2. Square stainless steel drains with cover (FD-7020).
  3. Stainless steel shower drain with backflow preventer (FD-7110).
  4. Linear shower drains for bathrooms (FD-7110 G and FD-7110 R).
  5. Stainless steel modular trench drains with channels and grate (FD-7830 GC) for bathrooms, ablution areas and other light duty areas.
  6. Stainless steel trench drains with grate and frame (FD-7810 GF).
  7.  Slot type modular trench drains for discrete look (FD-7850).
  8. Medium duty Stainless steel modular drains for the parking, gardens, parks, landscaping areas, and public toilets (FD-7840 GC and FD-7840 GF).
  9. Stainless steel kitchen drains (FD-7820 GC and FD-7820 GF).
  10. Recessed floor drains (FD-7010 SR) and cleanouts (FD-7030SR).

2. Advantages of stainless steel drains?

Following are the major advantages of stainless steel drains.
1. Corrosion resistance.
2. Provides excellent aesthetic looks.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Customization to meet project requirement is relatively easy.
5. Available in different finishes (Matter, Satin, and Polished).

“Saudi Cast” the iron and steel foundry; provides the best quality stainless steel drains with highest standards of design, development, and technology. Choose the best stainless steel drains grates products like stainless steel floor strainers, stainless steel recessed floor drains, stainless steel floor cleanouts, stainless steel recessed floor cleanouts, stainless steel linear shower drains etc.. from “Saudi Cast”, the leading stainless steel drain cover & gratings manufacturer and supplier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, & Oman.

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