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Floor Drains

1. What is floor drains?

Floor Drains or floor trap is a plumbing fixture (face of the floor) used to receive and convey water from floor areas to the drainage system. The main area of applications are as shower floor drains, bathroom floor drains, kitchen floor drains, and washing area floor drains.

2. How to install a floor drain?

  1. Prepare precast or cast in-situ structural slab with opening for Drain.
  2. Fixing the sump body with gasket or coupling on the stubbing out pipe which is cut accurately to the level required for floor drain installation.
  3. Above the structural slab concrete screed (light form) is spread all over the roof with the desired slope towards the floor drain.
  4. The water proofing is fixed on the screed and sandwiched between the drain body and seepage clamp firmly. Membrane must lay flat and contour the body opening. Hydro test is mandatory before installing the next layer.
  5. Then the strainer or floor trap is fixed on the clamp with provided threads.
    Sand is backfilled as a bedding for the tiles and keep checking the slope towards the floor drain.
    Tiles are installed with the help of grout.

3. What are the types of finished floor drains?

Following are the different types of finished floor drains

  1. Indoor finished floor drains.
  2. Recessed floor drain for tile inserts.
  3. Indirect waste drains or funnel drains for Air Handling Units (AHU) or washing machine areas.
  4. Multi-inlet drains or gully with floor traps drains.
  5. Planting area floor drains.
  6. Bathroom floor drains or shower drains.
  7. Linear shower drains.

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