The Green Foundry Initiative

Our Green Foundry Initiative:

As a responsible member of the community, we as a business, and as a factory, are obliged to respect, and to protect the environment in which we live in. This means taking care of the environment inside our plant, and the one outside of our boundaries. Our responsibility means that we have to make sure that the conditions inside the factory are as healthy as possible for our colleagues; and, at the same time, making sure that our operations have little, to no impact on the surrounding environment. After all, this is our home, it is where we live, where our children live, and where our grandchildren will hopefully live as well. The Green Foundry Initiative was born from these simple beliefs. It is an ongoing project that backs our beliefs and convictions with solid actions, investments, and third-party audits to make sure that our impact on our environment is a soft and caring one.

Phase 1

In 2014, we phased-out all processes which used chemicals as binding agents (namely formaldehyde). This included the shut-down of the “self-set”foundry which was commissioned in 2006 for the production of heavy castings. Today, the old self-set facility is an environmentally-friendly machine shop using the latest in CNC and robotics technology.

Phase 2

Focuses on air filtration in the foundry and around the plant’s parameters. Four large air filtration units were installed in strategic points in the foundry to control suspended particles and emission levels. Smaller filtration units are continuously being added where needed.

Phase 3

Deals with monitoring, testing, and auditing of our daily operations. This is an on-going operation, through which, we continuously monitor the air quality inside and outside the work place. In addition to our independent monitoring, we have engaged the services of an independent third party to audit our operations and suggest improvements to the system.