• 25 th Aug, 2020

Features of a Saudi Cast Manhole Cover (Part 2)

In continuation to Part 1 of our technical papers on “Features of a Saudi Cast Manhole Cover” we are happy to present “Part 2” of this series.

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In this article we will feature lesser-known features of our covers. But they are certainly just as important.

Manhole Covers

1.Prising Slots, which can be found around the edges of the manhole cover, are used to pry the cover using a crowbar. The prising slot is particularly important in loosening the bind caused by accumulation of debris between the cover and the frame edge gaps and will make the cover much easier to remove.

2.Keyholes: each cover comes with least two keyholes. They provide an opening for special keys to lift the cover for inspection and maintenance. Keyholes come in one of two options: open or closed keyholes. Open keyholes are completely open to the inside of the manhole and serve as vents. Closed keyholes are standard features of sealed manhole covers, preventing escape of fumes from the manhole and likewise prevent surface water or dirt seeping into the manhole.

3.A register is used to ensure a one-way fit of the cover onto the frame. This is especially useful after removing the cover during inspection and servicing – assuring the correct fitting of the cover on the frame. Furthermore, the register acts as an index whereby it secures the cover in-place, preventing it from rotating and changing position.

4.Markings: markings are cast on the covers. They are inessence part of the product. Markings are used to display a number of important information about the cover, such as:

a. Reference of Standard: references the standard used by the manufacturer for the manhole cover, e.g. BS EN 124

b. Certification Body: sometimes required to prove the quality of the product by a 3rd party certification body, e.g. SASO, and BSI Kitemark

c. Loading Classification: describes the load that the manhole cover can support, e.g. D400

d. Identification of Manufacturer: displays the brand name of the manufacturer and/or its logo

e. Custom Logo and Special Markings: displays marking that are requested by the client, usually to indicate the purpose of the cover e.g. Electrical, Sewerage, Telecom, etc.

5.Flange Anchor Holes are used to secure the frame to the concrete by using anchor bolts, which also transfers different types of load such as tension and shear forces from the manhole to the concrete.

6.Vent holes are strategically located at the top of the manholes to provide ventilation and ensure gases do not cause high pressure in the chambers underground of the drainage system.

Saudi Cast has a wide variety of manhole covers for all infra-structure uses and applications. Our covers range is in constant development, reflecting the ever-evolving market that we are in. Over the past 50 years, we have supplied covers to hundreds of projects in Saudi Arabia, the GCC markets, as well as to various markets in the region.

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