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Saudi Cast provides a great variety of designs in manhole covers and grates along with superior quality and high reliability. We offer our services in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Manhole Covers and Grates


1. Materials used to manufacture manhole covers?

Saudi Cast is one of the renowned manhole cover suppliers in the Middle East Region. Saudi Cast manhole cover and frame are made of superior quality cast iron as per BSEN 1561 and ductile iron as per BSEN 1563 materials. Saudi Cast can also provide the stainless steel manhole covers as per AISI 304/ AISI 316 grades for appealing requirements.

2. Why are Cast Iron Manhole Covers preferred?

Cast Iron manhole covers are heavier than the ductile iron manhole covers and therefore preferred in heavy traffic areas. Whereas ductile iron manhole covers are suitable for all the other areas of application as per the load requirement.

3. Advantages of ductile cast iron manhole cover

Ductile iron manhole covers have better strength to weight ratio compared to cast iron. Ductile manhole covers have high impact load resistance and they are easy to handle being light in weight.

4. Type of manhole covers?

Manhole covers are classified based on the surface type. It can be a solid top or recessed top. A solid top manhole cover is a visible manhole cover with an anti-slip top surface. Recessed manhole covers have a recessed tray top which allows brick paving, cement, and screed into it. This helps blend in with its surroundings which is useful in areas where the aesthetics look of prime concern. Saudi Cast manhole covers are available in round, square, and rectangular clear openings in various sizes. Round manhole covers with 600mm diameter clear opening and Square 600x600 are the most commonly used sizes for a variety of applications.

5. What are the sealed manhole covers?

Another important feature of a manhole cover and frame is its sealing ability. A manhole cover can be without seal, single sealed or double sealed. A single-seal manhole cover is the most widely-used manhole cover type. It has a single tongue and groove assembly between the cover and frame. A single seal cover can be airtight when the groove is filled with grease or other suitable sealing compounds. It will prevent gases from drain manholes escaping to the surface. These covers are usually used in residential or commercial areas. A double-seal manhole cover has double the arrangement of a single-seal cover. This creates an airtight and a water-tight seal. This feature is guaranteed to prevent gas escape, and the seepage of surface water through the cover, thus causing damage to the underground utilities within the chamber. This is best-suited for internal sewage manhole covers.

Saudi Cast is a modern iron and steel foundry; provides the best quality Manhole Covers and Gratings with highest standards of design, development, and technology. Choose the best Manhole Cover and frame like round manhole cover, square manhole cover, recessed manhole cover, rectangular manhole cover etc.. from Saudi Cast, the leading drain cover manufacturer and supplier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, & Oman.

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