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Saudi Cast designs, casts, and supplies a wide variety of drainage channel gratings with supreme standard and quality in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Channel Gratings


1. What is channel gratings?

Channel gratings are the ideal solution to manage the surface water runoff or flood prevention. Drainage channel gratings are usually made of cast iron, ductile iron or stainless steel material. Saudi Cast is an industry-leading manufacturer of channel grating products for commercial and industrial applications.

2. How can you select the best channel grating product?

Metal channel drains should be selected as per the area of application and amount of water to be drained. Area of application determines the selection of load withstanding capacity of the grating. The size of the grating or clear opening is decided based on the amount of water to be drained and the aesthetic requirements of that particular area.

3. What are the advantages of stainless steel channel gratings?

Saudi Cast stainless steel modular channels and grating have a wide range of application such as car parks, pool surroundings, ablution, bathroom, kitchen, and gardens. Stainless steel channel drains are of modular types to meet the length requirements, easy to maintain and provides a good aesthetics.

“Saudi Cast” the modern iron and steel foundry offering reliable, high quality, top-rated drainage channel gratings products. Check out the range of channel grating and frame products from “Saudi Cast” the top ‘grates & cover’ manufacturing company and channel grating suppliers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, & Oman.

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