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Buy catch basin products from the most trusted company in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan. High quality and very reliable catch basin products for the best rates.A catch basin basically consists of an inlet, the inlet grate (covering) and an outlet nozzle which is connected to the drainage or piping system. The system is fitted inside a frame and dome. The grating is usually made of Spheroidal graphite cast iron also known as ductile iron and frame is made of Flake graphite cast iron also known as grey cast iron. Some are also covered with a protective coating of Black bitumen paint and Coal-Tar Epoxy for a longer life.The grate and dome trap of the catch basin are made removable for cleaning purposes. Often smaller particles and leaves can sneak into the catch basin with water through the grate. The catch basin can be cleaned regularly by removing the grating to drain out maximum water. If not cleaned on a regular basis it can become a breeding ground for pests and mosquitoes.The size of this product can vary depending on where it is installed. Large sized ones are installed in public places, while smaller ones can be installed in bungalows and residential properties.

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