FD-5030RHمصارف أرضية متعددة المخارج

الوصف الهندسي

مصارف أرضية تتكون من هيكل مصنوع من حديد الزهر ومخرج سفلي عامودي , و اطار مصنوع من حديد الزهر ذو وجهين لتثبيت طبقة العزل و يحتوي على ثقوب صغيرة, يعلوها مصرف على شكل قبة كروية مصنوع من النيكل النحاسي قابل للضبط.

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خصائص المنتج

  • Side Outlet with integral trap
  • No Hub
  • 3 & 4
  • 179 cm2

    اأماكن الاستخدام

    Multi Inlet floor drain with internal trap seal and auxiliary inlets for use in showers, toilets, kitchens and other finished areas where foot traffic is expected. The optional auxiliary inlets allows for connecting of additional drain lines. The water seal and the integral trap prevent sewer gases from entering buildings. The round hinged strainer head is usually used for all types of poured finished floors. Supporting collar holds flashing materials to the drain body without puncturing and it permits adjustment of the strainer to meet finished floor level, this collar was designed to be reversible to provide extra vertical adjustment for strainer. Weep holes are located on the collar to recieve any seepage from around the strainer and to direct such seepage into drain body.

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