FD-5020SHمصارف أرضية داخلية

الوصف الهندسي

FD-5020SH series of general floor drains consist of a shallow cast iron body with side outlet, a reversible membrane flashing clamp with keyholes, three weep holes around the clamp, and an adjustable Nickel Bronze square hinged strainer.

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خصائص المنتج

  • Side Outlet
  • No Hub
  • 2 & 3
  • 165 cm2

اأماكن الاستخدام

General service floor drain for use in showers, toilets, kitchens, and other finished areas where foot traffic is expected and floor construction requires shallow drain body. The square hinged top is particularly adaptable to floors that are finished in material of square or straight line pattern. Flashing clamp holds flashing materials securely to the drain body and it permits adjustment of the strainer to meet finished floor level, this clamp was designed to be reversible to provide extra vertical adjustment for strainer. Weep holes are located on the clamp to recieve any seepage from around the strainer and to direct such seepage into drain body. Keyhole slots assure quick assembly without removal of bolts.

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