Continuous Development


A. Invest in people, science, and technology
B. Acquire the latest equipment and processes
C. Participate in industry research and product development

Once the viability of growth in our markets was established, Saudi Cast began a fiveyear re-tooling project starting in 1996. The idea was to re- build the foundry from the ground up. Electric melting was introduced in the summer of ‘97.
Enameling and heat-treatment were introduced a year later. In addition to a total revamp of the pattern shop, and a complete overhaul of the sand department. Quality Control got a big boost with the introduction of the Spectrometer, and in1999, we were the first foundry in the area to achieve the ISO standard.


First expansion

Second expansion


In 2006, Saudi Cast started a new expansion project to replace the aging molding lines for the smaller castings. A new SR 5 million, state-of-the-art, molding system from Sinto-Japan was commissioned in April 2008. Since the first mold on the Sinto line on 3 May, 2008, our production output has increased substantially while the rejection rate has dropped drastically. We are now using only 20% of the labor force, which has allowed us to absorb the excess manpower in other areas in bad need of staff. In 2007 we were able to finalize negotiations on the property next door to ours, thus increasing our manufacturing space by 40%. The new facility was used to house the newly-established CNC and machining center.

FloDrain was introduced during our second expansion project, which is our range of floor and roof drainage products. The range carries the motto: “Made in the region, for the region”, stressing the locality
of this product, from the design aspect all the way to production and assembly; because the harsh climate and weather conditions of the region were considered when designing the thickness of the material of the drains, and the appropriate coaing was applied to protect against the elements.
Today, FloDrain is the market leader in the indoor drainage business in Saudi Arabia, and a strong contender in the GCC markets.

Third expansion: Green Foundry Initiative

In this phase, our aim was on the human asset and on the environment.
Through a rigorous and sustainable project of training and retention, our Saudization
program has become a model of success. We have recently reached a 30% rate of
Saudization. Our Saudi colleagues are an integral part of the company, and their
presence is evident in every department and at all levels.

Our Green Foundry Initiative is an ongoing program for protecting the environment,
and improving the working conditions. Our efforts to purify the air inside the foundry
and protect the environment outside our plant reflect our conscious awareness of
this important issue, and the solid commitment to our community.

History continues to be made at Saudi Cast. The current management is the 3rd
generation of this industrial family. All efforts are being made to make sure that this
legacy continues for many more generations to come. This can only be achieved
through strong commitment to quality, a continuous pursuit of technology, and a
promise of accountability to the community.