Our aim is Zero Defects

We employ the latest technology in design, manufacturing and quality assurance. Furthermore, our people are continuously trained
and appraised. All of these elements guarantee a quality product and a superior level of customer service.

  • Metal Testing

    Thermal, Spectrographic
    & Physical Analysis,
    Metallographic Examination


    1. Thermal analysis: for the determination of the chemical composition and the solidification behavior in the early stages of melting.
    2. Spectrographic analysis: prior to pouring, the exact chemistry of the metal is determined, and thereafter, adjusted.
    3. Metallographic examination: determines the microstructure of the cast sample.
    4. Physical properties analysis: determination of tensile strength, elongation, and hardness.

  • Non-destructive Testing

    Ultra Sonic Testing
    Radiographic Examination

    Ultrasonic Flow Detector

    1. Ultra sonic Testing: to detect internal defects and measure the section thickness in the critical areas of the casting.

    2. Radiographic Examination: X-ray radiographic testing determines the internal integrity of the casting.

  • Sand Testing


    Sand property analysis

    Fully equipped laboratory to monitor the properties of the molding and core sand, such as

    1. Loss of ignition                 2. Moisture content

    3. Compactability                 4. Active clay

  • Measurement Assesment



    For accurate measurements of customer samples, or castings we operate an advanced 7-axis, portable measuring equipment.

    From design to production, large scale to detail, with reverse engineering capabilities, this piece of equipment is capable of measurement with a very high degree of accuracy.