• Covers and Grates

    Covers and Grates product line has a wide range of manhole covers, gratings and surface boxes. We have two type of covers, grey cast iron and ductile iron covers.


    Covers have been on the market since 1972, and have become the market leader in design, funtionality and quality. Covers are installed on virtually every street in the Kingdom.


    The "Covers and Grates" line is manufactured according to the SASO standards, as well as to the EN standards.


    Covers and Grates are approved by many government authorities as well as private companies.

Our products are approved by a number of government authorities and private companies

About Covers and Grates

Covers and Grates is our range of manhole covers and gratings. The IC logo, which is embossed on all of our covers, represents quality and dependability in any city, and in all environments. The Covers and Grates have become synonymous with quality and integrity, and they truly represent our strong heritage and rich experience dating back to 1960.